I have always been attracted by nature and natural science and have a deep fascination and respect for physics and mechanics. The concept is to combine natural phenomena with mechanical installations. In our extremely impatient and busy world, my art is a contribution to the understanding of Mother Nature. My installations can therefor be described as instruments that accumulate the results  of natural phenomena in such a way that they can be observed and appreciated.

I make use of the forces and energies of wind, temperature, water, sun, rain etc. By creating structures that are being left to these forces, I let them over time produce something physical or intangible like sound, graphics and/or sculptures. The installations live and operate within their own definition of time and create various expressions without my intervention and presence, only determined by random meteorological conditions and variations.

I am choosing materials for my installations out of two main parameters;

-The characteristics of the material. The materials must suite the expression of the various phenomena.

-The expected life span of the installations. Spanning from 1 to 100 years, the quality and the endurance of the material used are essential.

Materials often used are: Granite, aluminum, wood, glass, copper, brass, and stainless steel to name a few.