Living building…

PulsThis kinetic sculpture uses airflow from two independent ventilation systems. The ventilation systems are dynamic thus the power reflects the activity in the building. Much activity-powerful ventilation, low activity-less power.

 The sculpture has two independent moving elements. One bellow lifting the hammer and one rotating vertical cylinder.

The vertical cylindrical shape made up of anodized aluminum panels are propelled by airflow. NesoddenProp

The bellows expands and contracts depending on the airflow force. This carries a “hammer” which, by means of a ratchet wheel, jack up “the hammer” to fall after passing the fulcrum. On the way down it hit a “needle” that strikes a mark in the vertical cylinder. “The Hammer” starts a new round.


Power, speed, and variations in the airflow controls the frequency of impact against the cylinder. Because the aerators operate independently, “the needle” (in principle) never hit at the same place, either vertically or horizontally.